concerning teppo jäntti

I'm experienced graphic designer in print and digital media. I have had projects with big international companies, as well with small alternative clients, during my career. So, I might say, I have some perspective in my visual angle. 

Aiming to be better and better, knowing it is a never-ending story and being happy there are always new experiences and skills to be learned. It is an adventure, which I willingly share with those bold and curious ones, who dare to travel with me.

I have had the pleasure to work with Teppo for several years. Teppo is an inspiring team player. He has not only
excellent creative skills but also motivation to execute ideas and concepts with passion and high outcome. Above all
Teppo is, believe it or not, a hands-on man.

Vesa Pakkanen, Planning Director, Morning Digital Design Ltd

– Teppo is a multi-talent person with impressive visual design and illustration skills plus creative ideas! Teppo is easy to communicate and cooperate with. I enjoyed working with him for almost ten years.
Minnamari Iltanen, Project Manager, Morning Digital Design Ltd